Mission: Operations, Maintenance and Support

Walsingham Group performs operations, maintenance and support for the portion of the Multinational Aircrew Electronic Warfare Tactics Facility managed by United States Air Forces in Europe. We provide a talented workforce of technical experts to accomplish all requirements to maintain and operate the Electronic Warfare equipment utilized in the training of NATO war fighters. Our responsibilities include, but are not limited to, conducting Electronic Warfare activity for normal training sorties, operational readiness inspections, surge missions and other missions; customer specific scenario application and operational support to special missions at various locations.

To this end, Walsingham Group operates and maintains all Communications-Electronics (C-E) systems/equipment and associated support equipment to ensure maximum available up-time in accordance with client-specific and other applicable technical orders. We are consistently successful in this mission by providing qualified personnel to operate all C-E systems, as required, and supporting all testing and validation of new systems/equipment, hardware and software changes. Our Computerized Maintenance Management Information System tracks maintenance schedules and produces status reports that help us sustain equipment, stay within regulatory compliance and keep our clients informed with live updates.

Systems include:

  • AN/MST-T1(V) (Mini-MUTES)
  • AN/MSR-T4 (Mini-TRAINS) including Trains Data Server (TDS)
  • AN/ VPQ-1 (TRTG)
  • GTR-18 (Smokey SAM)
  • UPQ-8 (RWR-Lite, RWT and HTT)
  • Mallina
  • Griffen
  • UHF/VHF Communication Radios
Customer: U.S. Air Force / U.S. Air Forces Europe
Locations: Germany and various deployed locations