Walsingham Group: Personnel Vetting and Screening

Mission: Personnel Vetting and Screening

Walsingham Group provides personnel and screening services using a methodology that focus on the Whole Person Concept, Three-Factor Authentication, and Continuous Evaluation. Our process includes a scaled psychological evaluation, local and national records checks, biometric collection and enrollment, physiological indices measuring, and medical screening. We execute follow-on assessments through quality assurance checks and database systems refreshing for inter-agency and cross domain reference.

Our vetting services include:

  • Former Intelligence and Special Operations Professionals
  • CI/HUMINT and Multi-INT Analysis – Fusion
  • Inter-Agency and Inter-Discipline
  • Source Operations
  • Signature Reduction Programs
  • Special Technical Operations & Environment Preparation
  • Human Factors & Human Social Cultural Behavioral Programs

Customer: CENTCOM
Locations: Various deployed locations