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Operations, Maintenance,
and Support

Walsingham Group provides operations, maintenance, and support (OM&S) for critical infrastructure and government-owned contractor-operated facilities.


Energy & Fuel Management

Walsingham Group provides comprehensive fuels management at government-owned contractor-operated facilities across the globe. We provide expert personnel and resources to ensure accurate and timely receipt, storage, transfer, and issue of government-owned petroleum products.

MISSON: Facilities Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance

Walsingham Group is a premier provider of comprehensive services for government-owned contractor-operated facilities spanning the globe. We provide all required service, maintenance, technical equipment and parts procurement, inventory and asset management, and appropriately cleared personnel to include subject matter expert-level supervision necessary to perform the full-spectrum of facility operations and maintenance.


Infrastructure & Logistics

Our team provides global infrastructure and logistics support. We deliver controlled and uncontrolled materials, supplies, and equipment to anywhere in the world. Our supply chain management includes forecasting, procurement, storage/warehousing, care of items in storage, packaging/handling, inventory management, diminishing supply management, accountability, distribution, and disposal for government contracts.

MISSON: Expertise

Comprehensive Training

Walsingham develops and delivers a wide range of courses for the Department of Defense, Department of State, and Intelligence Community agencies. Our training solutions include assessing requirements, conducting knowledge gap analysis, establishing objectives, customizing curriculum content to meet the mission, generating supporting materials, and providing experienced, professional instructors to deliver effective, innovative, and quality training.

MISSON: Information Operations

Intelligence Support

Walsingham provides a wide array of intelligence support through classified and unclassified contracts. Since 2009, our intelligence professionals advise clients on emerging threats by delivering full-spectrum data and intelligence collection, analysis, and production of relevant information that is timely, accurate, and actionable. Our intelligence professionals are embedded with United States and Allied Forces armed and unarmed personnel—wherever the mission takes us.