Walsingham Group: Intelligence

Mission: Intelligence Support Services

Walsingham Group’s intelligence staff advises their clients on emerging threats by delivering full-spectrum analysis, collection and production of relevant information that is timely, accurate and actionable. Regularly surpassing client expectations, contract deliverables and quality requirements for multiple customers within the Intelligence Community, we provide subject matter expertise in Human, Signals, Imagery, Geospatial, Open-Source and Measurement & Signature Intelligence.

We further exceed client requirements in hostile combat zones, peacekeeping missions, and humanitarian relief environments by imbedding our armed and unarmed personnel wherever the mission takes us. We have deployed our qualified personnel to assist U.S. and allied forces across the entire band of intelligence sources and collection disciplines since 2009.

Our intelligence operations include:

  • Crisis Support
  • CT, CI and All-Source Analysis
  • HUMINT collection, targeting and dissemination
  • Intelligence Watch Operations
  • Data Correlation, Fusion, Trend and Link Analysis
  • Product Production (textual and graphical)
  • Systems Analysis and Planning Support

Customer: U.S. Intelligence Community
Locations: CONUS and OCONUS