Operations & Maintenance

Delivering safe, clean, mission-ready environments and complete supply chain management


✓ Compliant support

✓ Trained, certified personnel

✓ 24/7/365 routine, urgent, and emergency response

Walsingham provides operations and maintenance support to deliver safe, clean, mission-ready environments in an unobtrusive, “behind the scenes” manner.

We currently provide 24/7/365 support for facilities, equipment, systems, and grounds.

Walsingham offers complete supply chain management, including procurement, storage, inventory and asset management, and distribution of materials to meet contract response requirements.

We also manage an effective service order process that allows us to prioritize maintenance actions (routine, urgent, and emergency); allocate personnel and material resources; and schedule preventive and corrective maintenance to minimize operational impact.

Our operations and maintenance include:
  • Coordinating day-to-day schedules and maintenance to avoid operational impact
  • Inventory management and logistics services
  • Effective work order management
  • Independent quality control
  • Trained, certified personnel
  • Compliance with environmental, safety, and health requirements
  • Routine, urgent, and emergency response

Our operations and maintenance support comply with Federal, State, local, Department, and installation laws and regulations, as well as host nation requirements for OCONUS operations.