Who we are

Walsingham Group, Inc. was founded in 2008 by defense, engineering, and operations professionals who were executives at the nation’s largest defense contractors.

Our founding management team has spent 50+ combined years managing elaborate global operational and support initiatives.

Ed Petkovich
Ed Petkovich
Chief Executive Officer
Kelly George
Kelly George
Vice President & Global Security Officer
Shawn Stevens, Director of Operations, Walsingham Group
Shawn Stevens
Director of Program Operations

Walsingham’s Program Management Institute-credentialed managers and professional corporate staff have completed the Small Business Administration’s Federal Contractor Certification program.

Delivering Results

What We Do

Walsingham partners with the government to provide the highest-quality, most responsive support possible for our warfighters in peaceful and hostile environments across the globe.

We provide comprehensive service capabilities in operations and maintenance; energy and fuel management; infrastructure and logistics; training solutions; and intelligence support.

With demonstrated experience supporting contracts within and outside of the United States, Walsingham brings a unique blend of worldwide logistics, broad operational staffing, and the expertise to manage government-owned contractor-operated facilities.

Walsingham is regularly sought after by government customers, project partners and industry professionals.

We have a proven track record of successfully exceeding client requirements, delivering on schedule, and within budget.