Infrastructure & Logistics

Worldwide logistics, supply chain management, and infrastructure support for classified and unclassified contracts

MISSION: Logistics, Supply Chain, Infrastructure

✓ Expert inventory management, storage, and care

✓ Established agreements with freight forwarders worldwide

✓ CONUS and OCONUS operations

Walsingham Group logisticians analyze operational and contract requirements to identify supplies, parts, materials, equipment, consumables, and all other requirements, both government and contractor-provided.

Our logistics team identifies supply sources and negotiates favorable terms and prices to meet turnaround thresholds within the cost ceiling. Using established supply processes, we perform purchasing, receiving, storage, warehousing, maintaining inventory and shelf-life management, order processing, packing, marking, distribution, shipping, and delivery.

Walsingham has provided logistical support across the United States and to dozens of countries around the world. 

Additionally, our logisticians proactively work with vendors and suppliers to identify diminishing supplies and to develop mitigation plans that include secondary supply sources, engineering resources, and increasing inventory levels to avoid operational impact.

Our infrastructure and logistics services include:
  • Established relationships with worldwide vendors and shipping companies to deliver on time, every time
  • Proactive management of diminishing supplies to avoid operational impact
  • Precise storage procedures enabling prompt supply retrieval
  • Accurate inventory management and effective care of items in storage to
    maximize shelf life and reduce waste

Walsingham Group fully understands and complies with ITAR, customs, and import/export regulations for controlled and uncontrolled items.